Thursday, April 4, 2019

I got a random leader survey from GS USA so I told them what I thought...

I got a random leader survey from GS USA.  They asked what I thought of my experience in Girl Scouts so I told them, they gave me a small box but I just kept typing.

I think that work needs to be done on fundraising.  Cookies are our thing but they can be better.  Councils bordering each other should be the same price because families sometimes cross the boarders and then question why ours are more expensive than theirs.  I also think that the rules for outside fundraising need to be loosened up.  Not all girls like selling cookies.  All troops don't sell thousands of cookies, especially as they get older and less girls in the troop.  But troops need money to survive. 

I am a proud Girl Scout Mother of 2 girls, an Ambassador working on her Gold Award and a Cadette working on her Silver award.  I am also a proud mother of an Eagle Scout.  I have supported both organizations for many years.  I think they both have given my children opportunities to do things that they might not have had otherwise.  I am also the proud Girl Scout Leader of 2 troops, for 12 + years of over 50 girls in total through the years.  Each troop is down to 3 girls now, but these 6 girls are committed and have been together since they were Daisies.  I have watched these girls grow from shy and silly children into confident and courageous young women.  Not only have the girls developed strong friendships, but the adults have too.  We have so many great memories together that I cherish.  At the end of every ceremony I always thank the parents for giving their daughters the gift of Girl Scouts.  Because I really believe that it is a gift to be part of this organization and watching their daughters grow has also been a gift.

The thing that saddens me is the relationship between Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts.  I do not agree with the changes made to Boy Scouts over this past year and I feel it has devalued the organization and the rank of Eagle Scout.  I don't think that Robert Baden-Powell and Juliette Gordon Low would be very happy with the way things have been.  They were friends and that friendship is where our journey began.  In the beginning we celebrated Thinking Day because it was Robert Baden-Powell and his wife Olave Baden-Powells birthday, the founders of the Scouting Movement.  I think that some need to be reminded of that.

I also wish that the Girl Scout Gold Award got more recognition.  People including myself always say is equal Eagle Scout.  But in fact I have learned recently while my daughter is working on her project that the two are not equal.  Girl Scouts requires more hours, must be sustainable and gets less recognition.  Another difference is that Eagle Scout is considered a rank and Girl Scout Gold is an award earned.  I would love to see the statistics how how many girls earn Gold compared to Eagle.  In my daughters troop that was once 25 Brownies and now 3 Ambassadors only my daughter is going for Gold.  In my sons Cub Scout Pack that was once 21 went down to 3 for the last 4 years in Boy Scouts all 3 earned Eagle Scout.

I probably could have gone on more but like I said the box was small and I'm surprised it didn't stop me from writing what I did.

Monday, May 21, 2018

Cadette PSA Videos

As a troop throughout the year my Cadettes worked on the MEdia Journey and the new Outdoor Journey.  So when we were camping in April the girls shot their videos and took pictures for the final take action project I gave them the choice of making a PSA (Public Service Announcement) for either journey.  Two of them chose to do MEdia and two of them chose Outdoor.  My co-leader and I gave them all both journey's because they worked on both.  They earned all of the badges for for the Outdoor Journey this year, Night Owl, Primitive Camper, Trailblazer and their take action was creating the PSA, educating others.   All of them also earned the steps for the MEdia Journey Monitor, Influence and Cultivate.  For Cultivate, which is the Take Action Project they created the PSA's.  Each girl had to come up with a message and create a storyboard before they made their video.  They each had to lead the others to help them with their individual videos.  I hope you like their final projects.

Abby's PSA "Don't Trash My Camp"

Regan's PSA "We Are More Than One Stereotype, We Are Unique"

Briana's PSA for Outdoor Cadette Journey

Amy's PSA "Smile You Look Good Like That"

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

They give me Courage, Confidence and Character to try new things

These girls challenge me every day to be a better version of me. In January I told my older daughter she inspired me to stop being afraid and to stop standing on the sidelines watching. Shortly after that I started my transformation and Oola journey. These girls not just my daughters but all of them are helping me to face my fears. Within one week I have tried a high ropes course and rode a horse. All because of them showing me their courage and confidence to try new things.  I am grateful, thankful and blessed to be a Mom and Girl Scout Leader.  

Monday, April 30, 2018

I read something today in a Facebook Girl Scout Leader Group,
"but if I'm honest, I'm pretty sure I get more out of Girl Scouts than they do,"  
That statement is so true. I have been leading my daughters Girl Scout Troop for 11 years.  For years at our fall ceremony I have thanked my scouts parents for giving their daughters the gift of scouting.  Fact is I would like to thank them for giving their daughters to me to mentor them.  I have I have watched them grow from shy little daisies thru their awkward middle school years and into high school.  Finding their way and watching their personalities come out.  

I started this post a while ago but after camping this weekend I am able to wrap it up.  Both troops went camping together again since our numbers are down it's the only practical way to go camping.  Only 3 Seniors went, 5 Cadettes and 5 adults.  It was a fun weekend full for adventure, laughter, "spoons" and silliness, they even accomplished a badge and the Cadettes worked on their journey.  We have been working on the MEdia journey and also the Outdoor Journey.  They each chose which issue they wanted to address and are making individual PSA videos and having the other girls be part of their video.  They each had to do a storyboard and come up with a plan to get the other girls involved, so they show leadership.  There was some ad libbing in each of their videos.  Now for the fun part and suspence for the rest of us.  They need to put edit and put their videos together and then plan a "Premiere Night."

As I have said so many times before they girls inspire me to lead them.  And so this weekend they inspired me to make a video using iMovie I put together a short trailer of this weekend.  

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

So glad we chose to become a Scouting Family

Such a proud moment for our family, Alex getting his Eagle. I can't believe it was 2 years ago. We have attended 2 Eagle Ceremonies recently for 3 boys and it brings me back to this day. I love how different each of the ceremonies are. I am so glad that we chose to take the road less traveled and became a Scouting Family. If I had the chance to do it all again, I would.

Friday, December 8, 2017

Time to Show Off the Finished Hockey Style Sweatshirt

These girls did a great job with their sweatshirts even with the problems they had in the beginning.  Emily took over and finished the outlines to cover up the mistakes.
Presenting Senior Girl Scout Troop 2245

Thursday, November 30, 2017

How to give a Crew Neck Sweatshirt Hockey Jersey Style Fixes & Finishing Touches

This project has really been a learning experience for the girls and leaders.
We need to be more patient next time and always read the directions thoroughly and carefully.  We didn't let the paint sit for a bit to dry and when we lifted it off it bled.  The fabric paint (fabric creations) we chose also took 2-3 days to dry completely.  Since they weren't done at the end of the 2nd meeting, I took all of them home to work on with my daughter.  She decided to remake the trefoil screen.  When she did she decided to do 2 coats of the Modge Podge.  She found that worked much better when she used it, she also didn't lift it right away.  When she was done spreading the paint out she let it sit for a minute or so and then lifted it. Patience is definitely the key to success.

1st Run Screening
2nd Run Screening with new Screen

Screen, Paint and Printed Trefoil

Saturday, November 25, 2017

How to give a Crew Neck Sweatshirt Hockey Jersey Style Meeting 2

Now it's time to Silk Screen the Hockey style Sweatshirts.  We found the directions on pinterest, Screenprint Tee DIY.  The girls made their own silk screens with stocking, modge podge and an embroidery hoop.  Like the directions showed.  The only thing we didn't do was wait for them to dry being teenagers they want to see the results right away.  As you can see by not waiting it made for rough edges.  We need to do the other side so we will try to be more patient and let it dry then.  To fix them we are going to paint an outline with black fabric paint. Be looking for the a post on the finished product in the next few weeks.

Friday, November 17, 2017

December Camping

Camping in December is always so much fun.  We make it a Christmas theme.  We've done a lot of different things to get us in the Christmas Spirit since we usually go the first weekend in December.  This will be our 3rd or 4th year.  I always bring a small Christmas tree, lights and garland, and tell the girls to decorate the cabin.  We make some kind of Christmas cookies and play Christmas music.  Traditionally we make some kind of Christmas Ornament for them to take home.  They usually decorate the tree with the ornaments they made while we are at camp.  2 years ago I filled Christmas socks for each of the girls and put them under the tree for them to wake up to. Even though the girls are getting older they still love the magic of Christmas and the surprises it brings. I filled with the other sock, candy, chap stick and a patch.  Last year we decided to do it as a swap.  Each girl filled a fun sock and then we played a left right game to exchange them.  Which is always a lot of fun.  Last year I made a saran wrap ball  filled with goodies, they sat in a circle and had fun unwrapping it. They also played bobbing for candy canes. The other thing we like to do that camping trip is go to a Local Hockey Game.  These things have become tradition for our troops and the girls look forward to them every year.

Supplies needed for Decoupage Ornaments
Modge Podge
Foam Brushes
Photos (Taken before camping and printed)
Girl Scout Clipart
Wooden Ornaments (Joann Stores)
Clear Plastic Ornaments (Walmart, Michael's)
Colored Tissue Paper

As you can see the girls even came up with their own idea of doing emoji's.
They decoupaged the extra ornaments with torn tissue paper.

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Cadette Digital Movie Maker

My Cadette Troop just earned their Digital Movie Maker Badge. They did this with the help of the Creative Team at the Apple Store at Crossgates Mall.  We have a small troop of only 6 girls but 2 girls weren't able to be there. I was however able to face-time with one of the girls live so she could experience it also and give us some input.  The store was busy and loud so that was a bit of a problem for face-time and when it came time to make the movie, so the Creative Team Member, Colin who helped us brought us to the back hallway of the store away from the customers.  If all the girls were there he was going to split the group into 2 groups but he didn't have to with only 4.

I'm not sure where I found out about going to the Apple Store, but I'm glad I did. I wish I could give someone the credit for sharing it.  It really was a great resource.  I contacted the local store and talked to the Manager who had a Creative Pro call me back.  She set up the whole thing and it was FREE!   The field trip is called Studio Hours:Video Projects on their website.  An hour and a half was planned for our studio time but we went a little over.  The girls took a little bit to warm up as they didn't really know what to expect.  But once they got started they had a lot of fun.  Our Creative Pro was helpful. He had great ideas, energy and patience working with the girls.  During our time the girls came up with a plan, did a story board, basic script, filmed  and edited their movie with his help. To top it all the girls each got an Apple t-shirt, Certificate and USB Drive with the movie on it.  Here is the link to the Pinterest printable of the Digital Movie Maker pdf file.  They also covered some parts of the Screenwriter Badge, they will finish that while doing the MEdia Journey.  Before we left Colin put the girls video up on the BIG wall screen in the store.  It was very cool seeing their short movie up on such a big screen.



The finished product ...

Thursday, November 9, 2017

How to give a Crew Neck Sweatshirt Hockey Jersey Style Meeting 1

How to give a Crew Neck Sweatshirt Hockey Jersey Style
(Some girls just cut theirs and attached the eyelets and some sewed them. Some used 4 eyelets and some used 6.  I have pictures of both.)

Supplies for 1 sweat shirt
crew neck sweat shirt
large eyelet tool
4-6 pairs of large eyelets (matching male/female pairs)
1- 27" sport shoelace
sharp scissors
measuring tape or ruler
matching thread to sweatshirt

How to:
1. Find the center by folding the sweatshirt shoulder to shoulder

2. Cut a 4 to 4 1/2 inch slit at the collar

3. Fold back, pin and stitch in place

4. Turn the sweatshirt inside out
5. Mark and cut hole for eyelets (Do one at a time across from each other to make sure they line up.)

6. Attach eyelets (Do one at a time)

7. Turn sweatshirt right side out

8. Lace it up like a pair of sneakers

I got a random leader survey from GS USA so I told them what I thought...

I got a random leader survey from GS USA.  They asked what I thought of my experience in Girl Scouts  so I told them, t hey gave me a sma...