Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Corn Cob Lantern

Corn Cob Bottle Lantern

Apparently, without even knowing it the craft that I did 7 years ago at Girl Scout Camp is a very my most popular post on my artsyBE blog.  So it's back by popular demand with a list of supplies and directions for you to try it.  We made these at a Thanksgiving-themed Girl Scout Camping Trip.  Each girl made one and we lined the center of the table with them.  For a recycled project, it was BEAUTIFUL!

Supplies for one lantern
water bottle with the label removed and bottom cut off
bottom of sports(that starts with a G) bottle (cut about 1 inch in height)
battery operated tea light candle
yellow tissue paper (hand torn into skinny strips about 1/2" thick)
green tissue paper (hand torn into strips about 2" thick)
yellow acrylic paint
bubble wrap (approximately a 7"x 8")
foam paint brush
paper plate

Save water bottles & sports or have each Scout bring their own
Adult cut the bottoms off the bottles
Throw away bottle caps
Dilute 1/2 bottle of school glue with that much water

1.Glue some of the yellow tissue paper to the top opening of the water bottle with diluted glue to look like the corn silk (how much is up to the artist)
2.Put yellow paint on paper plate 
3.Paint the bumpy side of the bubble wrap with the yellow paint
4.Wrap the water bottle with the painted bubble wrap and let it sit for a moment
(or you could use q tips to paint dots on individually)
5.Let the paint dry
6. Glue some of the green tissue paper to the sports bottle bottom with diluted glue to look like the corn husk at least 2 layers thick overlapping around
7.Tie a few strands of Raffia around the mouth of the bottle in a bow when paint is dry
8.Turn on set the battery operated tea light candle into the sports bottle bottom 
9. place the decorated water bottle in the sports bottle bottom

Sit back and enjoy the simple beauty of it.
Enjoy the time spent with each other making it.

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